Cades Cove Engagement Photos

Brayden proposed to Abby several months ago while vacationing in Nashville, TN. They decided the Smoky Mountains was where they wanted to have their pictures taken and we are so happy they did!

01 299A8355
02 299A8371
03 299A8394 299A8387

This session was dreamy in so many ways. We drove through Cade Coves in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, stopping at every pull-off I thought would make their mountain dreams come true. Brayden and Abby are the perfect example of what a relaxed session looks like.

04 299A8402
05 299A8429
06 299A8445
07 299A8487 299A8553

We spent most of our time together goofing off and listening to music which resulted in amazing photos and awesome memories. Big Congratulations to Brayden and Abby!

08 299A8532
09 299A8561 299A8567
10 299A8666
11 299A8774 299A8694
12 299A8793